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a curated exhibition of Scandinavian Art & Design

Across two days in early June, I presented an exhibition of Scandinavian Art & Design from Los Angeles. Partnering with artist Nina K Ekman, and three Danish design houses, the selling exhibition marked the launch of Studio Haslund in California. I curated and styled the event for a private view.

The art of Nina K Ekman

Norwegian artist Nina K Ekman, recently relocated to California.

‘Ekman’s work floats between paint and textiles, sculptures and etchings, and she is always experimenting with ways to stretch and challenge her own use of the media. Most recently Ekman has been drawn by the technique of tufting as a way of building textile sculptures. Tufting is a method of weaving carpets, but to Ekman tufting has become a playful opportunity to create singular pieces with an original appearance.’

Part of the curated collection at Studio Haslund, a selection of Louise Roe vases and ceramics were also included. Part of the curated collection at Studio Haslund, Louise Roe is a Copenhagen based design house specialising in ceramics, glassware and mindfully designed accessories.

New Works Brolly portable lamp
Carl Hansen outdoor range lounge chairs
Glass and ceramic balloon vases from Louise Roe

A selection of furniture and accessories from the studio’s other partners, New Works and Carl Hansen & Son, were included in the exhibition. Both brands have joined Studio Haslund after successful relationships in London.

It was a privilege for Studio Haslund to curate this exhibition and mark the launch of the business in the United States.