Tableware Photoshoot

A collaboration between Studio Haslund and Lavender and Truffles in Los Angeles.

We created a vibrant fusion of ice cream and California sunshine. This project showcased the relationship between delectable ice cream and sparkling designer tableware from LOUISE ROE Copenhagen. The juxtaposition of the smooth, creamy textures of Lavender and Truffles Ice Cream against the vivid hues of the glassware created a glittering contrast.

Studio Haslund aimed to capture the essence of indulgence.

Lavender and Truffles reimagine the classics churning small-batch, rich and creamy no-dairy frozen desserts bursting with flavour. Creamy colourful desserts paired with the Danish-designed glassware were a seamless match.

LOUISE ROE champagne coupe and Jewel vase in blue

The collaborative summer campaign focussed specifically on LOUISE ROE tableware and glassware. Studio Haslund captured the interplay between sunshine, glass, shadows and food – while dressed with beautiful summer floristry.

LOUISE ROE Giant Jewel vase in amber

The selection of flavours and colours from Lavender and Truffles complemented the glassware’s hues, creating a harmonious balance between taste and aesthetics, celebrating the senses.