fall into fall

Fall – or Autumn, if you prefer – is that transitional phase between the scorching sun and the chilly winds, where aesthetics take a delightful turn. But hold on! Fall vibes differ drastically from London to LA, and from Denmark to the sunny coasts of California.

In London, Fall has its traditional feel of cooler temperatures, darker evenings, and, one of the many things I miss – A winter wardrobe. A true Scorpio at heart, I’ve missed those chilly nights and the excuse to wrap up in layers. Yet, the shift to LA introduced me to a different type of Autumn – warmer, clear bright sun and fresh air from the Pacific Ocean bring a special type of sunset. I love the continuation of outdoor seating in November, with what I feel is a sprinkle of seasonal change, albeit missing from the evergreen palms. Here, the talk of cooler temperatures is relative compared to my European experiences, but the shift in foliage colours and the installation of a crackling fireplace at my home bring a touch of nostalgia, finished off with more cosy throws and candles.

The Pacific in Autumn/Fall light

The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ is not just a word; it’s an emotion and a way of life. It is something my Mor always referred to, and my family back in Denmark. I think it’s a way to interpret an environment, and for me, it’s the feeling of cosiness when you are relaxed in the warmth and familiarity of your interior, sometimes alone or sometimes surrounded by friends and family. Lighting contributes immensely, with dimly lit spaces and candles to create that soft, natural light. Candles during the day are a part of my feeling of Hygge.

The Fall changes in LA
Fall foliage and floristry bring warmth into interiors with their deep, autumnal hues

For my Fall palette this year, I’ve chosen traditional – rusts, browns, earthy greens, and the warmth of putty hues. It gives me that nostalgic feeling of European autumns and the colours you see looking out your windows. For a colour addition I like an ochre yellow moving into orange even as displayed in a glassware vase or autumnal berries.

An important part of any interior for me is to style with seasonal flowers and plants. Danish designers are renowned for glassware dating back to midcentury to modern day.

A throwback to a visit to Kvadrat's London showroom - Fall colours have always been on my mind!
Louise Roe's Balloon vase in Amber

Textures play a pivotal role in bringing Fall indoors. Think of the crunchy leaves outside that you hear and the frost you see on the ground – these elements are very tactile and that is how I employ Fall aesthetics. Thicker upholstery such as boucle wraps you in cosiness, as well as thicker loop pile soft rugs and throws over a lounge chair are synonymous with this more ‘Hygge’ atmosphere I would employ so much in homes that I designed back in Europe before relocating.

Fall invites us to cocoon ourselves in warmth, and revel in cosiness.  Whether I’m on the beaches of LA or the crispness of London, Fall is a season that I love to embrace.

The Covent lounge from New Works in cosy boucle upholstery